Welcome to Kagawa

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Welcome to Kagawa
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Ritsurin Garden.

Welcome to Kagawa (香川県)! This site is for new and existing ALTs, visitors and university students who want to know about Kagawa, its local community and AJET.

Kagawa is Japan's smallest prefecture and was known in the old days as Sanuki Province. It's located on Shikoku, the smallest of the four islands that make up mainland Japan. Kagawa is famous for Sanuki udon noodles, paper fans, sugar craft, modern art, and more. Kagawa also has the longest covered shopping arcade in Japan, the highest rate of road accidents, the highest levels of diabetes and the lowest amount of rainfall. You'll often hear the locals chattering away in the dialect of Sanuki-ben. Not too shabby for the smallest prefecture!

Kagawa is the most northerly prefecture of Shikoku. To the east is Tokushima, the south is Kochi and the west is Ehime. North of Kagawa is the beautiful Seto Inland Sea (瀬戸内、瀬戸内海) and just across the sea is Honshu. Kagawa is comprised of 17 districts:

Kagawa Districts
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Kanonji 観音寺 Marugame 丸亀 Sanuki 讃岐
Mitoyo 三豊 Utazu 宇多津 Higashi Kagawa 東香川
Manno 満濃 Sakaide 坂出 Naoshima 直島
Kotohira 琴平 Ayagawa 綾川 Tonosho 土庄
Zentsuji 善通寺 Takamatsu 高松 Shodoshima 小豆島
Tadotsu 多度津 Miki 三木

New JETs and ALTs moving to Kagawa, please see the New Residents section below.

Learn about Sanuki-ben, the local dialect in Kagawa here.

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Here are some articles you may find interesting:

Information for new residents of Kagawa

Kagawa Udon
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A Kagawa delicacy

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