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Find out which is the best hair dye for your curly hair

Do you want to change your hair color and, at the same time, keep your hair healthy? See the tips to find out which hair color is best for you. Find more here: best permanent jet black hair dye

Whether to cover the white threads or to change the look, many women resort, at least once in their lives, to hair dyes. After all, it is difficult to resist them when you have so many options of tones on the market, and so many possibilities to create a more modern look. You just need to be careful to avoid the side effects of this and any other chemical process. Find out the best hair dye to preserve the health of your curly.

The best hair dye for curly hair

The best hair dye for curly hair is semi-permanent , or toning. It does not allow radical changes, it only slightly changes the tone of the hair and gives different nuances in the shine that the strands reflect. But, it has a huge advantage: it hurts much less than permanent stains . The toner colors the thread superficially, without changing its internal structure. So it is not able to make a drastic change in color, but it also does not remove any nutrients and hydration necessary to maintain the healthy appearance of curly hair.

Toning masks

If the health, shine and softness of your hair are items that concern you, you can also use shampoos and toning masks. These products color your hair gradually, application after application . They are also not able to totally change the color of the thread, but they can be an option for those who want subtle changes. In addition, they moisturize and restore hair while changing its tone.


Permanent dye in curly hair

Permanent dye is the most suitable option for those who want to totally transform the look. However, it is the one that most damages the wires and, therefore, requires special care.
Before applying a dye, consult a professional . He will be able to analyze the structure of your hair and tell you if it is strong enough to withstand the chemical coloring process.

When the locks are not in good health, there is a risk that the color will not absorb, become very different from the expected tone or leave the hair dry and spiky. More: when a hair is not taken care of receives a great chemical shock, the so-called chemical break can occur. The wires break because they are not prepared to withstand the damage caused in the process.

Lights and wicks in curly chapels

Discoloration is one of the main causes of dry hair. As with the definitive ink, it is recommended to consult a professional and check if your capillary structure is prepared for transformation . If your hair is already dry, never lighten more than two shades below the natural color. Thus it is possible to achieve light highlights, without losing the healthy and natural appearance of the hair.

Color touch-ups on curly hair

Unlike the process indicated for straight hair, in which the dye is applied first to the root, and then is spread on the rest of the strands, in curly hair the product can be deposited only on the root itself. In the length of the hair, if necessary, make a shine bath to reactivate the color or, at most, apply a toner. Thus the color is uniform and the strands are spared the aggression of placing one chemical over another.

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