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Yamagoe Udon is a famous udon shop in Kagawa.

Located south-southeast of Takamatsu, Ayagawa is a semi-rural town host to roughly 25000 people. The town offers little in the way of sightseeing, but plenty of famous udon shops populate the landscape. The northern part of Ayagawa (formerly known as Ry┼Źnan) is more densely populated and contains the more urban aspects of the town: an AEON shopping mall, various brick-and-mortar stores, the city hall, and a lot of udon shops. The southern part —formerly Ayakami — is much less populated, but holds the majority of the town's more famous udon shops.

Tourist Attractions

Ayagawa has one major and easily-accessible tourist attraction, the Takinomiya Tenmangu Shrine. It is located about 10 minutes west from Takinomiya station by foot. There is also a tourist park, the Takamatsu airport park, which requires a vehicle to access easily. This park sits on the other side of Takamatsu airport's runway, within Ayagawa's border.


There are six train stations located in Ayagawa, all of them belonging to the private Kotoden train service. From north to south, the stations available are, Kagashikaoka, Hatada, Sue, Ayagawa (AEON mall), Takinomiya, and Hayuka. These stations are all located in the northern part of the town, with Sue, Ayagawa, and Takinomiya serving as the central train stops.

There is also a 100-yen shuttle bus service which has stops in various locations around the city; however, the frequency of shuttles is limited to roughly 1 every hour. As many of the stops are located in out-of-the-way locations, the bus service is not recommended for non-locals.


Yamagoe udon: The most famous udon shop in Kagawa, Yamagoe udon, is located in the Hayuka-kami area and requires a bicycle or vehicle to access. Locals and tourists frequent this shop, and lineups reaching the intersection down the street from the shop are not uncommon. Highly recommended and a tourist attraction in itself, due to the unique varieties of udon available and the sitting garden. Business hours are limited because of the volume of customers, so the shop typically closes around 1:00pm. To beat the lines (somewhat), visit around 11:00am.

Oka udon: Located close to Takamatsu airport in the mountains of Ayakami, Oka udon has unique soy sauce, butter, and meat combinations available in their udon. Requires a vehicle to access.

Ayagawa AEON: The first floor of AEON has a variety of shops. Recommended locations are the all-you-can-eat restaurants, which average 1200-1600 yen for two to three hours of dining. Of these, there is an Italian cuisine restaurant, a make-it-yourself okonomiyaki restaurant, and a grilled meat restaurant. AEON also has a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The Ayagawa AEON is easily accessed via the Ayagawa Kotoden station.

Ayagawa AEON

The AEON mall (and its surrounding outlets) in Ayagawa acts as a sort of central hub for most rural Kagawan residents, especially those in the Ayauta district. There are plenty of clothing stores, hair salons, and other various shops. If you're trying to find something for your everyday life, chances are you'll find it in AEON. While this provides an easy way to access anything you may need, bear in mind that the mall has caused a collapse of family-owned businesses around the area; on weekends the mall is packed to the brim, and you'll be lucky to find a restaurant without a 30-minute wait, especially during peak hours.

Other things to note about the AEON Mall is that is has a cinema (some movies come in native English, with subtitled Japanese—other malls in Kagawa may not offer this), a game arcade, and a 100-yen store housed within.

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