Konan Town

Konan Town is a small town within the southwest part of Takamatsu. It is notably home to Takamatsu Airport and a mysterious fifth year JET sometimes referred to as "The Canadian Unicorn."


Wikipedia tells me that as of 2003, the town had an estimated population of 7,938 and a density of 539.27 persons per km². The total area was 14.72 km².

Points of Interest

  • Takamatsu Airport
  • Konan Rakuyu (香南楽湯), a new-ish onsen facility
  • Airport Park
  • Kid's County (子供の国)
  • Konan Agream、a kind of agricultural facility where visitors can experience different aspects of local culture such as harvesting fruits and vegetables or making udon
  • Akamatsu Dairy Farm, a prettaaay pretttaaay decent gelato place


As Konan Town has a small population, it has only one school for each level of education. Though occasionally students' families leave Konan Town or new students move there, students more or less grow up with and go to school with the same children until they graduate junior high school. Of course, the number of students in a given grade fluctuate, but, without except, each level of schooling, from pre-school to third grade junior high school has two to three classes per grade.

  • Konan Kodomoen (香南子供園), a unique facility within the prefecture opened in 2013 that combines both pre-school and kindergarten.
  • Konan Elementary School (香南小学校)
  • Konan Junior High School (香南中学校)
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