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Olive Park on Shodoshima.

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Shodoshima Olive
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Look at olive them.

Shodoshima (小豆島, Shōdoshima) is the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea. The name literally means "small bean island." The island is well-known for its production of soy sauce and olive products. On the island are two towns: Tonosho and Shodoshima.

Shodoshima has a very Mediterranean climate. It is a popular tourist destination and it has several beaches, resorts, and mountainous trails. Shodoshima is home to the famous Kankakei Gorge which has gorgeous autumn views. The island is also known as the filming location for the film "Twenty Four Eyes." Some of the original film's set has been preserved for tours.

Shodoshima is one of the venues for the Setouchi Triennale art festival. The last festival was in 2016. Some art installations are permanent, and visitors can still view art from past festivals.

Getting there:

Shodoshima is only accessible by ferry. There are several ports on the island. Ferry lines include routes to Takamatsu, Kobe, Okayama, Teshima, and more. During the Setouchi Triennale, there are more times and ferry lines available. Please see for times and destinations.

By bus:

The Shodoshima buses run along the major roads of the island. You can use Iruka transport cards from the mainland on this bus system. Please see

By car:

Cars can be rented or bought on the island.

By train:

There are no trains.

What to do:

Shodoshima has several sight-seeing spots, tourist attractions, museums, and shopping!

Olive Park - Shodoshima is famous for being the first successful location for olive production in Japan. Shodoshima is also a sister city to Milos, Greece. You can learn about olives and try olive products like olive ice cream at Olive Park.

Kankakei Gorge - Ranked among the best autumn sites in Japan, Kankakei is a beautiful destination to see fall colors. You can travel here year round and hike its trails or ride on the elevated car over the gorge. There are shops, vendors, and more attractions around the area and at the top of the trails.

What to see:

Check out the amazing art on the island! Many Setouchi Festival exhibits are still active and on display.

Shodoshima has many monkeys as well. The Monkey Park is home to a few families of monkeys. The bus line to the park is no longer active, but you can take a cab or walk.

Where to eat:

There are so many nice places to eat!

Warning, there are only 7/11s on the island. If you prefer Family Mart, Circle K, or any other variety of convenience store, you'll have to take a ferry.


Marunaka is open til 10 pm! Wow!


There are many festivals. During fall, the famous Taiko Festivals happen in each region. Notably, the Shikai area has fighting taiko and the Ikeda area has a seafaring taiko. The festival is over several days.
There is also a Kabuki festival in the Nakayama area.

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