Yashima Mountain
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Yashima is a table top mountain to the east of Takamatsu

Yashima is the area directly to the east of Takamatsu. It has a famous table top mountain called Mt Yashima (or Yashima-san) in Japanese. The view from the top of Mount Yashima is beautiful in the evening and night, with views over Takamatsu. On top of Mt Yashima is Yashima-Ji, the 84th temple on the Shikoku 88 Henro.

Yashima was the site of an important 12th century battle during the Gempei War between the Taira and Minamoto Clans. Here the Taira were defeated in what was to be the last battle before their final destruction.
Around the mountain are some attractions related to the mountain's history as a battleground, including a Monument to the Battle of Yashima and Chinoike ("blood pond"), a pond which is said to have turned red with blood after the victorious Minamoto washed their swords in it. Near the many viewpoints around the mountaintop are shops where you can buy small clay discs, which are thrown off the mountain for luck. This is meant to symbolize the victorious Minamoto warriors throwing off their headpieces after defeating the Taira.

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