Zentsuji is located in central Kagawa. It is most famous for Zentsuji Temple. This temple is the birthplace of Kukai, the Japanese monk credited with bringing Buddhism to Japan at the turn of the 9th century.

Zentsuji Temple
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Home of Kukai

Zentsuji also has a large Japanese military presence and you can see a lot of soldiers and military equipment around the city and in the surrounding area.

One of the coolest things to do in Zentsuji is to visit the small shrine dedicated to Kukai's birth. It is located underground, directly beneath the purported spot. You can reach it by traveling through a long underground tunnel in complete darkness. At the start of the tunnel the walls are decorated with images of Japanese demons. After a few minutes of complete black, you reach a small meditation chamber where you can pay your respects to Kukai. Another short journey through the dark brings you back into the light. This time the walls are decorated with images of Bodhisattvas and angels.

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