The Canadian Unicorn

Apart from myths and whispers in the wind, little is concretely known about The Canadian Unicorn (often abbreviated as "TCU"). What is known is that he resides in Konan Town, is one of a handful of ALTs in Kagawa who owns a car, and occasionally battles another unicorn, "The British-American Unicorn" (TBAU) in games of Dominion and Settlers of Catan (often victoriously so). TCU was last seen sporting a beard. His uncanny ability to perfectly replicate the native accent of various nations across the world has become legendary, and many a song are sang in this regard, notably "Bane Be My Name" and "Please Come Back, German Pilot."

The Canadian Unicorn is also known for his abysmal memory, having to write down nearly everything he eats lest he forget what he likes and doesn't like.

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