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Taxes! The bane of the working person. As a foreign resident there are all sorts of fun tax games that you may have to play. Even though you may not be a Japanese citizen, you may have to pay taxes here because you live and work in the country.

Here's where it gets tricky! Your tax status in Japan depends largely on your nationality, the length of your stay and your occupation in Japan. Therefore, we can't provide any one solution to your tax woes, but we've all had to figure it out, and we're all from various countries, so we can certainly help you!

If you are paying tax in Japan, it is important to obtain a breakdown of your tax payments (Statement of Earnings) from your contracting organisation. This statement can be called either: "gensen choushuu ni kakaru shotokuzei no nouzei shoumei negai" (源泉徴収にかかる所得税の納税証明願い) or "kyuuryou shotoku no gensen choushuu hyou" (給料所得の源泉徴収票). In short, "gensen choshu hyou" (源泉徴収票)*. If your visa type and nationality exempts you from paying Japanese taxes, the statement may also be called "kyuuyo shiharai houkokusho" (給与支払い報告書).

*For American Takamatsu ALTs: We can use our monthly payment slips, instead of the Statement of Earning, for our form 2555EZ Foreign Income Tax Exclusion.

Your supervisor should enroll you in the Japanese system, and this allows the Japanese tax office to do their thing automatically. If not, see here.

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