Teaching Resources

Maybe you have never taught English before, maybe you have been teaching it for 50 years, but there will always be a time when are too lazy to think for yourself or when you need an idea. Look no further my friend! You are home!

Teaching Principles from the British Council
This is essential reading for new and experienced English teachers. It breaks down all the skills you need to be a good teacher from working with another teacher, to the best use of games and visual aids, from motivation and discipline, to using culture in the classroom. It's a little long, but holds basically the same level of information as a TEFL course.

This is quite simply the best resource I have found for teaching Junior High School in Japan. It has all the textbooks used in Japan and breaks them down by page showing the grammar structure that is being taught, and activities that are good for teaching that structure. The site is free to use and you can give back by submitting your own activity ideas.

A site run by some old ALTs that has some nice little online games and resources.

MES English
A great site for flashcards of nearly any topic you can think of. They all have a great style, and are free to use.

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