Useful Websites

Take a look at these websites for everything you need while you're in Japan.


JET General Information Handbook
You should have a hard copy of this, but it has all the information about the JET program and your position.

JET Forums
A place to talk online about anything related to JET or Japan.

Kagawa AJET
Latest Kagawa AJET news and events.


I-PAL Kagawa Information Page
I-PAL is the Kagawa International Exchange Center in Takmatsu City. They run all kinds of exchange events and language classes for all levels of Japanese. Take a look at their English language site here.

Takamatsu News Letter
Takamatsu International Association runs this online news letter that is updated with events and promotions going on in the city.

Weather and Disaster Information

Yahoo Weather Kagawa
Yahoo offers a pretty comprehensive weather service, with people even checking in in real time to log the weather in each location. Japanese language.

Japanese Meteorological Association
English language site offering the most up to date information on all disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons. Usually updated every three hours, you can also find accurate weather information here.

Travel in Japan

Japan Guide
Useful tourist site offering information and ratings for all sights in Japan, as well as recommended hotels and routes.

Wikitravel Japan
Crowdsourcing travel advice. What could go wrong?

A route planner that will tell you how to get from your station to your destination.

Similar to Jorudan. Their Japanese service is also excellent, offering train timetables, advice on where to change for the best route and more.

Japanese Study

Anki Space Repetition Software
Digital flashcard program that lets you make your own decks of cards, or download pre-made study packs (for JLPT etc), and tells you when each card needs to be reviewed. Useful tool for learning vocabulary and drilling grammar points.

Tae-Kim's Guide to Japanese
A great website offering a pretty thorough look at Japanese grammar and sentence structure. Explanations are usually a bit clearer than textbooks.

Jisho Online Dictionary
Fantastic online dictionary that lets you search in English and Japanese, and also lets you sort by commonly used words. Their bookmarklet is also great for looking up words on the fly.

NHK Easy Japanese News
A site providing an easy introduction to the news in Japanese that will help you pick up kanji readings and new words.

Life in Japan

Kagawa International Social Scene Facebook
Something going on in Kagawa that you want to promote? This is the place. Most things going on in Kagawa end up here, not only events and parties, but people selling furniture and appliances as well.

AJET Block 8 Facebook
If you're on JET and on Shikoku, keep an eye on this page for all AJET news and events.

Survive In Japan
Growing website with great advice for daily life in Japan. Maintained by people who have lived in Japan for over 4 years and have a lot of great insight.

How to have more fun in Japan while "ALTing your way." Filled with stuff you usually have to figure out the hard way, all by yourself.

Surviving in Japan
Great site with all kinds of information about living in Japan. Chances are if you need to know something about day to day life here, they have something to say about it.

Nihon Hacks
Hasn't been updated in a while, but still has a bunch of good information to look through.


You can pay online or at your local conbini and offers the same range of stuff you'll find on their US and European sites.

For anything you can't find on Amazon, there's Rakuten. They are one of the few companies in Japan pushing to adopt English in all their operations and their English site is pretty good. The websites look terrible, but they have pretty much everything. They've been criticised recently for their part in the whale-meat and ivory trades but are cleaning up their act. Moral shoppers be aware.

The Meat Guy
English language site providing for all the needs of meat lovers in Japan. Can be a bit pricey, but their range is better than anything you'll find in your local supermarket.

Play Asia
Decent range of dvds and video games.

British Corner Shop
Everything you would usually find in Tesco or your local corner shop is on offer here, for a price.

Foreign Buyers Club
All kinds of international goods, and they actually have a shop in Kobe.

The best price aggregator for Japan, it shows the best price for nearly anything you might want, you could save 1000s of yen on expensive items. It is all in Japanese, but using google translate it shouldn't be too much trouble.

Nope, not a website to buy medical marijuana, but an awesome place to buy organic food/beauty products and other items from America. They are well priced and have very cheap shipping to Japan (about 500/1000円). You can save $10 by using the link above.

General Interest and Entertainment

Blog on everything in Japan. Crazy customs, language and travel advice, and anything else you can think of.

Podnapisi Subtitles
Site for Japanese subtitles.

Gaijin Pot
General site for just about everything related to living in Japan. If you're looking for a job, a new apartment, blogs on life in Japan, you can find it here.

Just One Cook Book
The best Japanese food recipe and tutorial site I have found. Great recipes and instructions.

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